Sunday, 24 November 2013

It is too cold to be outside drawing, so I went back to the museum today and drew the famous Alfred.
I keep seeing things that I am desperate to draw but I always have the kids and I don't quite know how to draw and keep an eye on children at the same time. Yesterday I went to the station and the light was amazing but I didn't get a chance to draw it but sometime soon I hope to get back there. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Went out drawing yesterday and here is the results. This image represents the coldest I have ever been. It is surely crazy to be out drawing in mid November. This was in Nailsworth and there were some rather lovely sculptures of two white reindeer which I had to then draw. They fit so nicely as part of my theme, which is; a Seasonal Diary. Then whilst I was drawing them a tall man with a full on beard came and stared at me, then took a photo of me, (and I think he must have been Father Christmas). Anyway he obviously had to appear in the drawing too. He is the smudgy character staring directly at me. So today I will be putting up my Christmas tree as it is now clearly that time of year.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Out drawing and painting today. It's a lovely autumn day here but maybe a little nippy. I think my choices of places to draw has also been a bit odd. I have been to a graveyard, the recycle centre and to the top of a hill, on the way to Nailsworth. It's great to be out scribbling, but now I have to go and teach the wee ones to swim without drowning.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

As part of this module, I have to get out and about, drawing in public. I realise, it can't  be nice having a complete stranger stare at you intently, whilst scribbling a picture of you, and therefore I am sorry for having to do this, and any discomfort it may have caused. It feels quite invasive. I would say that from my perspective it's pretty uncomfortable too, because so many people like to have a look at what I am doing. This is quite understandable but people always want to come and look just when my pictures have taken a downward turn into becoming a messy incomprehensible scribble. Anyway I shall persist, and I apologise again, in case the next time I am scribbling,it happens to be an incomprehensible scribble of you.

Beryl productions

This is work that I did whilst working for the incredibly talented Joanna Quinn. She is so inspiring and one of the most amazing 2D animators that there has ever been. I love her mark making and her fluidity of movement. It has been an honour to be able to work for her. The images above are copyright of Beryl Productions. She has made many wonderful films, including Wife of Bath, Famous Fred, Elles and many many more.

Here is a small selection of the work that I did at Aardman. Copyright Aardman animation.
I worked on and off for the company over 7 years as a 2D animator and story artist. I loved my work and only left when I had children and the work couldn't fit around them. It was a wonderful place to work and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

More scribbles out and about

I am really enjoying keeping sketchbooks at the moment. I am trying to live by the mantra; Don't eat, sleep or breath without your sketchbook. Obviously I do eat, sleep and breath without a sketchbook but I am at least carrying it around with me every day so I am heading in the right direction.